Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Old Sixth Ward TIRZ is trying to implement historic preservation restrictions in a proposed protected area (not the entire area since part of it has already lost its historic character and thus doesn't have anything historic to protect). One argument made by those opposing building restrictions, calling themselves SWPO, has been that so-called zoning restrictions will drive down property value prices. One of their leaders, Janice Jamail Garvis wrote the following:

"I have been real estate professional for over 30 years working with neighborhoods to preserve and provide dignity for the property and their values. The path the you are taking, WILL reverse the property values in the OSW. "

Yet one of SWPO's supporters, upset at being "red tagged" for working without building permits put up the following sign, a left over from a years ago zoning battle. So - uh, does zoning raise or lower taxes - i.e. property values? I think we have a little talking out of both sides of our mouths here. Perhaps they are really anarchists, afraid of having any rules at all.

OOPS - I forget - they DO want rules, but only their own. They have made a list of houses they think need demolished or renovated or painted or other repairs and want to be able to tell others what they must do to their property! The TIRZ and OSWNA are trying to keep the status quo - people renovate as they can, and when additions are done to homes they are sympathetic to the surrounding homes. Same thing goes for new construction - but no one is FORCED to paint, or to mow their lawn to a specific height, or weed their garden. Live and let live.

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Anonymous said...

They sound like hypocrites, no?