Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It is so easy to pick apart Coalition for Life's statements. The following is posted to their website where they are talking about the "40 Days for Life" Campaign of Harrasment.
"In the fall of 2004 the Brazos Valley Coalition for Life launched the
first ever 40 Days for Life campaign. This peaceful campaign focused on prayer,
fasting, and a constant vigil outside of the local Planned Parenthood abortion
facility for 24-hours a day, for 40 days. This effort led to a 28% drop in local
abortion numbers that year and rejuvenated the pro-life community."

They say that their event in THE FALL of 2004, which if I am correct the FALL is that October, November time frame of the year where we prepare to overstuff ourselves with food, gifts, and treats. But I digress. Their FALL event, resulted in a local drop in abortions for the year. I have to ask - were their efforts so strong in THE FALL that people who had AB's in the winter, spring and summer, didn't get to count them? For awhile I thought they meant the number dropped during their 40 days, but nope, I re-read it, they are talking about how their efforts affected an entire year's worth of abortions, including the ones that happened BEFORE the 40 Days event was even planned! Now that is spin! Damn, Somebody needs to give me some retroactive power.

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