Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Sixth Ward Property Owners (SWPO) delivered a letter to Mayor White and Houston City Council on January 7, 2007 calling the Old Sixth Ward Neighborhood Association and TIRZ efforts "un-American", and our efforts to have architectural standards for historic preservation "unconstitutional". The two groups have sat down at the table to work out differences, with Councilmember Adrian Garcia as the moderator. SWPO wants no restrictions whatsoever. The OSWNA wants restrictions to be decided through public hearings by local property owners in a proposed protected area. And yes, we want "No Means No" when it comes to demolishing a historic structure.

In the proposed protected area, the OSWNA has 65% support from property owners, SWPO has 16% support. SWPO does have support from outside the area, but those individuals are not stakeholders, and they will not be affected by the regulations. As a result, I don't feel as if they should be calling the shots for those trying to protect their historic homes.

An interesting list of who is part of their organization, and the title each of them hold.

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