Friday, May 25, 2007

We had the first hearing for the Old Sixth Ward protected historic district, it was before the Houston Archeological and Historical Commission. One of the spokespersons for SWPO loves to point out her version - or is it vision - of "blight" in the Old Sixth Ward. Funny thing, it is only preservationists she likes to target. She ignores properties owned by SWPO members that are in need of repair. Like many other SWPO members, she wants no rules on her property, but LOVES telling people what they must do to THEIR property. She doesn't actually live in the historic district, unless she is living in this old motor home - which some think of as dilapidated, moldy, decrepit and stinky - with an expired inspection sticker parked on the property where the 1885 Valentine House once stood. She demolished the historic home a few years back so she could build her Miami Dream Home and Garagemahal, saving the palm tree in front. You can see her on youtube from a Channel 13 report by Miya Shay.

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