Wednesday, July 04, 2007

No Dressing.

No, I haven't been dressing any shows since February, and I truly do miss it. School, foot surgery, and neighborhood activities have gotten in the way. I saw the Octavian costume worn by Joyce DiDonato while at SanFran Opera and was overcome with the beauty of the detailing.

On a more local note, I think it is funny as can be that Matt Stiles was late for Houston City Council this week, as Miya Shay noted.

We are back to Planning Commission this week on Old Sixth Ward Protected Neighborhood hearings. What a long, long process this has been. In the mean time, SWPO continues to spew venom - which only hurts themselves. You'd have thought they would have learned by now that their nastiness, which has been seen by many, gets them no-where. Even folks on Houston Architectural Forum are making them the butt of their jokes. That can't be good for their leadership's business contacts, people such as Jamail Real Estate, Paul Gainey, Bumpass, and Laraina Hailey. Kind of an embarrassement, from what I hear - yet I don't run in those circles.

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