Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cuban Missile Crisis

OK - it's been a while since writing, but a Cuban Missile is striking the Obama camp, and I can't keep my mouth shut. I like Barack, I also like Clinton. I don't want to see either torpedoed, but that is just what is happening. In no way do I think this is Obama's belief, I think it is a rabid campaigner who thinks more of herself than the candidate. Rule number ONE - you simply don't say, show, or sign anything that does not reflect your candidates point of view.

The Che Guevara flag that is flying in the Barak Obama Houston Headquarters is no doubt the work of Maria Isabel, who I have talked alot about in this blog. She and her husband Barry Norman fought the historic preservation regulations that Old Sixth Ward residents were pushing hard for. They demolished the historic 1890 Valentine house.
In fact, that is Maria in the picture, she is in the red and black with long hair.

I have seen the flag flying over their apartment on Washington Avenue. You can see it from Center street. This is not the location where they demo'd a house, here is that location.

Doesn't Obama have enough problems with people accusing him of being a terrorist (which he is NOT), why would ANYONE want to do this to him? Does she just not get it? Did she learn nothing about name calling when Houston's Mayor, Bill White chastised here for her comments about her Old Sixth Ward neighbors. No, she went on to talk to the media - something she LOVES to do.

According to Isabel's blog on the barackobama website, she has been working on his campaign for awhile. Did they not notice something was not right?

Yes my friends, we have another Cuban Missle Crisis.


Pauli said...

Thank you for posting this information. It's good to see that people who support Obama are concerned about this. I'm conservative, but I know Obama is not a terrorist. People who suggested this are either retarded or they've been reading to much Coulter. Either way they give the more moderate Mac supporters (like me) a bad name.

Don't know if you saw the "interview" with her; I would describe her as offensively dismissive.

I'm glad Obama has responded and disowned this. That makes him more credible than Ron Paul, IMHO. I hope he doesn't worry about alienating his supporters so much that he won't issue a cease & desist order to this woman.

Chanman said...

"Disowned" this? He said it was "inappropriate". Passing gas in a restaurant is "inappropriate". Glorifying a communist butcher in one of your campaign offices is downright obscene. Obama should have made that perfectly clear, instead of using a weenie word like "inappropriate."

BTW, "moderate Mac supporters" give *themselves* a bad name.

MadeMark said...

Thanks from MadeMark for filling me in. I didn't know who put the flag up, I'd just seen a bit on the news about it. I will edit my post to reflect this. And I was shocked to know anyone read my blog!