Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Texas Two-Step is still going on at 10pm. I went to my Precinct 002 Meeting (pictured left) for the caucus. Below is a nice wrap-up from Kathy Vossler who presumably will be our new Democratic Precinct Chair for Pct 002. Kathy is smart, responsible, and a good Dem. She was running against Maria Isabel Norman.

Together with Precinct 001 and the very small Precinct 680, we had a packed
house. Precinct 2 elected 14 delegates - 6 for Hilary Clinton, and 8 for Barack Obama. Even with the turnout, we completed the entire convention - sign-up, caucuses, delegate selection and resolutions - in 1 hour and 4 minutes! Everyone was pleasant and cooperative and attentive, and I think everyone found it to be a rewarding experience. And, we have a good slate of 14 delegates and 14 alternates to go forward to the Senate District convention.

There were 68 votes for Obama and 50 for Clinton at the Pct 002 Caucus.

And here is a picture from Precinct 001's convention on the right (with a few 002's in the pic). They ended a bit later than 002, but not long. Everyone was really rather organized for an event that few had experience doing.

A very historic evening for Texas.

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