Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I wish I had excuses for not posting in, oh 6-8 months. Yeah, school was busy last spring, summer got lazy, and the fall has come back into existence. Hurricane Ike got me thinking about the need to post pictures of the tremendous destruction and life changing devestation this storm brought into our area. But there is alot of that, it is oftens seems so overwhelming for people. But I have been just floored at the callousness of anti-choice protesters who choose to harass women coming to Planned Parenthood while this city is still in crisis. I was VERY pleased to see the following email from Planned Parenthood's CEO.

I hope you agree with me, while we all try to make sense of a nation in crisis.

Enough is enough.
I arrived at the Fannin Health Center this morning to find the protesters moving forward with their annual 40 Days of Harassment. No matter that half a million people are still living without electricity, or that thousands of homes have been destroyed, or that schools are unable to open. These protesters are choosing to harass women in need of medical
services instead of help their neighbors.

This is a time to come together for our community. With city resources stretched to the limits, Planned Parenthood is filling a need in this time of crisis. Our Houston health centers began providing services to distraught and displaced citizens as soon as power returned to each neighborhood.
The women and men in our community have been through enough. Help clients access the health care they need without harassment.

Sign up to escort clients into our health centers over the next 40 days or donate to cover the costs of these unnecessary protests.

On the national front, time is running out to stop the Bush Administration’s recently proposed regulation that would allow health care providers to withhold information from their patients based on the provider’s personal beliefs—REGARDLESS of the impact on the patient’s health.
Take a few seconds to make your voice heard. We have until Thursday,
September 25th to send a comment and

We appreciate your support,
Peter DurkinPresident and
CEO of Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas

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